A walk through the GWT wrapper for Vue.js: vue-gwt

Introduction: Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, along with Angular and React. It leverages modern techniques for building front end applications, and can come handy in maintaining apps that require considerable amount of JavaScript and CSS. The

Some data about 2017, and plans for 2018 !

We would like to share some 2017 data: This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF. First of all, we would like to thank the followers of this blog for their input and

Goodbye gwt-project-generator!

After watching the community feel for the project for a while, we have decided to shutdown the project. The objective of the project was to provide help with the initial bootstrap of a GWT app, based on the concept of

Introduction to Errai Framework

Errai is a framework developed and maintained by Red Hat in an attempt to combine the good aspects of the GWT and JEE worlds. According to Red Hat, Errai is a GWT-based framework for building rich web applications using next-generation

Options objects bug in gwty-leaflet is fixed now.

A member of the users community reported a bug recently related with the use of TileLayerOptions object. The reason for that is this code: public TileLayerOptions build(){ TileLayerOptions options = new TileLayerOptions(); options.minZoom = this.minZoom; options.maxZoom = this.maxZoom; options.maxNativeZoom =

New feature in gwty-leaflet: debug/prod mode.

We have added a new feature to gwty-leaflet: choosing whether the injected script is minified or no. LeafletResources class can be used to inject leaflet js/css directly from the Java code, and we think having an uniminified script can help

Vaadin Tip: building UIs declaratively

If you have used GWT, then you would have probably found UiBinder quite useful to design complex UIs. In our series of posts about Vaadin, we want to draw parallels between Vaadin and GWT. Vaadin offers several tools and components

No more JSNI for gwty-leaflet

gwty-leaflet is mainly using Jsinterop for interfacing with LeafletJs. However, we have been using a little JSNI for defining Event objects, and the reason behind that was to benefit from the .cast() method for casting from the parent Event object

Quick Tip: Debugging a GWT application using Chrome Dev tools

Debugging is an important aspect of software development. Having the right tools can save a lot of time and headaches. Before GWT Super Dev mode, the classic Dev mode allowed to use JVM debugging. Developers could set break points within

Dependency injection in GWT using Dagger 2

Dependency injection is a software development concept where objects are provided with all the objects or values than they need for creation. GWT users have been familiar with GIN, but this last has been deprecated and is not supported anymore,

Overview of Scala.js from a GWT developer perspective

This blog is heavily biased towards GWT (and GWT based frameworks), but we are keeping in my mind that GWT may be taken over by other technologies in the future, so we are always open to exploring other platforms/frameworks. As

G-Widgets is now partner of the GwtCon 2017

Because of our involvement in the GWT community, we have been chosen to become official partners of the GwtCon, which is the community GWT annual conference held in Firenze, Italy. We would like to thank the organizers (especially Francesca and


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