gwt-project-generator is a web based application that allows to bootstrap a GWT project, and getting started quickly. Because the GWT ecosystem has a wide choice of librairies and frameworks, it may be a hassle to set up your GWT project and choose among librairies dependencies. The goal of gwt-project-generator is to aggregate all the librairies and the frameworks to allow the developer to pick up his dependencies, and his project set up ( Maven or Gradle, GWT version, module name,…). gwt-project-generator is a fork of Spring Initilizr which is used by the Spring community to bootstrap Spring Boot applications. The project is still in the demo phase, and we are planning to introduce new features progressively. The door is also open for the community to add their own features or any dependencies that they would like to add to the list.

gwt-project-generator is up at

the source code is on our github repository: