Introduction to using Vaadin in Spring Boot

Introduction Vaadin’s way of doing things rely on server-side rendering, so it can be integrated naturally into frameworks like Spring. Vaadin’s Spring integration has been lying around for a while now, and provides tools for configuring and managing Vaadin within

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TIP: Running GWT dev mode on Spring Boot Embeded Server

Spring Boot is a framework that provides auto configuration capabilities to quickly package and deploy Spring ecosystem based applications. It allows developers to focus the core function of their application, rather than spending time on configuration and project set up.

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Example of Using WebSockets in GWT ( with a Spring Boot Server)

a WebSocket is a protocol that allows bidirectional communication between a client(running on a browser) and a server. It can have interesting applications such as push notifications and chat. As of HTML 5, WebSocket has been introduced as part of

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Securing a GWT app using Spring security

Spring security is one of the most used frameworks for securing java web applications. While it remains biased towards Servlets and server side java applications, it can also be used to secure single page applications like GWT based applications. In

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