Introduction to scalatags in Scala.js

Introduction scalatags is a Scala library that allows generating dom parts or snippets in a functional style. In the same spirit as Elemento for GWT, scalatags‘s goal is to interact with the dom using clean and understandable code while keep

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Working with JSON in Scala.js

Introduction Working with JSON is almost inevitable regardless of the environment. In this post, we will go through different ways of serializing/deserializing (or encoding/decoding as some may call it) objects from/to JSON in Scala.js. As of the date this post

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Developing Web Components in Scala.js

Introduction Scala.js is a compiler that allows producing JavaScript from Scala. It focuses on simplicity and the elimination of borders between the source and the destination language so that developers can write JavaScript-like code while benefiting from all the features

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Overview of Scala.js from a GWT developer perspective

This blog is heavily biased towards GWT (and GWT based frameworks), but we are keeping in my mind that GWT may be taken over by other technologies in the future, so we are always open to exploring other platforms/frameworks. As

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