We have polled lately the GWT community in Google+ about their GWT maven plugin preference and the result is shown below :

We have got 88 votes ( not sure if the number is significant to allow generating the results to the whole GWT community, but anyway..), of which 31 are still using the legacy org.codehaus.mojo. 21 of the 88 are using the new generation maven plugin. 3 people voted that they use different systems, and that their usage depends on the project. The remaining 32 are using another build system than Maven (probably Gradle because not that many GWT users are using ant or Basel nowadays). We can draw the following conclusions:

– The legacy GWT org.codehaus.mojo maven plugin is still the most used maven plugin

– Gradle GWT plugin (there are two, we do not know which one) is on the rise, and if we compare it with each plugin alone, we can see that it has taken over both of them (36% vs 35 % vs 25 %)

– Maven is still the dominant build system in the GWT world as it is used by 60% (25% + 35 %) of the total voters