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gwt-project-generator is a helper web application that helps developers to quickly bootstrap their GWT application prior to the start of their project. Because the GWT ecosystem has a large number of libraries and frameworks, the developer may feel lost, especially when managing libraries' versions and compatibilities. gwt-project-generator's goal is to aggregate all the libraries in the GWT ecosystem and to allow developers to see the big picture: they can pick their GWT related dependencies and their project structure will be generated for them. gwt-project-generator helps also minimize GWT compatibilites issues as it checks if dependencies are compatible with the chosen GWT version. gwt-project-generator is a fork of Spring Initializr which is Spring boot developers' beloved tool for bootstraping apps. gwt-project-generator is still in the demo phase, and we are planning to plenty of features progressively. gwt-project-generator is available at: https://gwt-project-generator.cfapps.io/