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G-Widgets is now partner of the GwtCon 2017

Because of our involvement in the GWT community, we have been chosen to become official partners of the GwtCon, which is the community GWT annual conference held in Firenze, Italy. We would like to thank the organizers (especially Francesca and

TIP: Running GWT dev mode on Spring Boot Embeded Server

Spring Boot is a framework that provides auto configuration capabilities to quickly package and deploy Spring ecosystem based applications. It allows developers to focus the core function of their application, rather than spending time on configuration and project set up.

Example of Using WebSockets in GWT ( with a Spring Boot Server)

a WebSocket is a protocol that allows bidirectional communication between a client(running on a browser) and a server. It can have interesting applications such as push notifications and chat. As of HTML 5, WebSocket has been introduced as part of

Comments about the GWT maven plugin poll results

We have polled lately the GWT community in Google+ about their GWT maven plugin preference and the result is shown below : We have got 88 votes ( not sure if the number is significant to allow generating the results

A new maven archetype that combines GWT and Spring Security is up on Github

Inspired from our previous post about how to secure a GWT app using Spring Security, we thought it would more simple for users to have the setup as an archetype, so we have created a new archetype which is now

Introduction to Vaadin Framework for GWT developers

Vaadin is a known framework to GWT developers. Vaadin used GWT to build a full fledged application framework. It is one of the main GWT based frameworks ( along with Errai framework) and provides some interesting capabilities like addons, themes,

gwty-leaflet 0.5-rc1 is released

We have released gwty-leaflet 0.5-rc1 with a key feature: compatibility with Leaflet 1.0. Leaflet 1.0 is considered the fastest, most stable and polished Leaflet release ever. Other changes in the gwty-leaflet’s new version are some bug fixes in addition to

How to use GWT gradle plugin

If Maven is to build systems what Coca-cola is to beverages, Gradle can be considered as Pepsi: both are great, but it’s a matter of preference. Gradle is on the rise, and many developers and ops people see in Gradle

New baby born project: gwt-project-generator

gwt-project-generator is a web based application that allows to bootstrap a GWT project, and getting started quickly. Because the GWT ecosystem has a wide choice of librairies and frameworks, it may be a hassle to set up your GWT project

Securing a GWT app using Spring security

Spring security is one of the most used frameworks for securing java web applications. While it remains biased towards Servlets and server side java applications, it can also be used to secure single page applications like GWT based applications. In

GWT Tip: working with maven multi-modules projects

Many question have been asked recently in the GWT Users Group about how to work with GWT maven projects that contain multiple GWT modules, and how to properly set up the dev mode. This post aims to provide an example

gwty-leaflet: features and upcoming changes

As the 1.0 version of leaflet has came out recently, gwty-leaflet is undergoing API changes to adapt to the changes in leaflet. The change set between 0.7 and 1.0 is pretty significant, so the changes are introduced gradually into the

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